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Genuinely interested in the endless pursuit of knowledge, experience, & life. I have great aspirations & enjoy taking every opportunity, turning it into something that I personally can be proud of. I love to engage with new acquaintances to reach new goals & learn.


Broken Circle Studios | Riverside, CA | 2009-2011

Broken Circle Studios is a software development studio, specializing in apps, games, & web technologies. There I served as an intern concept artist for games designed to run on IOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Xbox, & Wii.

Experience with Autodesk Maya, Blender, & Unity3D to create create fully rigged 3D models with Texture designs, Bump maps, & Animation rigs using bones & parent child properties. Use of Maya scripts & Python scripts in Blender. Well trained in Photoshop, Illustrator, & Adobe Creative Suite. Designed both Vector & Raster graphic art for character concepts & in-game graphics.

CSUSB | San Bernardino, CA | 2011-Current

Currently involved with Dr. Turner, Web Technologies, CSUSB. An apprenticeship in game design, programming physics engines for devices & the web.

While developing games, we have come across various SDKs & APIs, giving us good experience with multiple platforms, including: Cocos2d-X, SFML, Box2d & Dragon Bones. Use of development environments such as: Xcode, Visual Studio, CMake, Flash Builder & Unity3D. Experimentation with various programming languages, & scripting formats. Used Git to manage projects, experience with Linux & BSD terminals. Phoneme masters project, Experimentation with OpenGL. Ultimately created a phoneme application for Android using OpenGL ES. Designed a textured & animated 3D model of a human head. Use of OpenGL Draw functions, to use both DAE markup language formatted models, & .obj linked draw functions. Experience with C++, C#, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, WebGL & Action-script.


California State University San Bernardino | San Bernardino, CA | 20011-2013 | Dr. Turner

CS 405 Game Engines: C++/Objective-C Game Development course using Cocos2d-x, Box2d, & TMX markup language formatted maps created in Tiled. The goal is getting Multiproj games to build & function across a range of platforms such as iOS, Mac & Windows.

CS 441 Server Programming: A course that covers the essentials of hosting web content with Node.JS, also utilizing Heroku, CouchDB, & PostgreSQL.

San Bernardino Valley College | San Bernardino, CA | 2009-2011

Attended SBVC courses toward my major in Computer Science.

Electronics: Occupational safety, OSHA standards, Electrical theory, AC/DC current, Digital/Analog, Parallel/Series/Parallel-Series circuits, Ohms law, Resistor color codes, Electronic components, & Schematics. - E. Suzumski Visual Basic.Net: Created various form applications such as a calculator, database manager, RSS reader & many other interface functions. 3D Animation: Design of 3D models for both animation & game design using Autodesk Maya & Blender. Created fully rigged models & environments with UV map textures, materials, lighting, & bones. - J. Finley Web Design: Use of Adobe Creative Suite to create sites using Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver & Flash. This two semester course taught the interface as well as HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, & Action-script.

Regional Occupation Program | Colton, CA | 2005-2009 | CRY-ROP

Colton, Redlands, & Yucaipa Regional Occupation Program. All industrial courses taught proper safety procedure for: Breaking a live circuit, Use of A,B,C,D Fire Extinguishers, OSHA Standards & regulations... etc.

3 years of Electronics: Personal & Occupational safety, Electrical theory, AC/DC current, Digital/Analog systems, Parallel/Series/Parallel-Series circuits, Magnetism, Electromagnetism, & Inductance, Ohms law, Resistor color codes, Electronic components, Integrated circuits, Logic gates & boolean logic, MOS/CMOS/FET applications, Block diagrams & schematics, Capacitance & cap reactance, Vacuum tube, & Solid state electronics, Power stage, Oscillator stage, Cabling, Mathematics & Formulas, Power supplies, Amplifiers, Digital concepts & circuitry, Computer electronics, Computer applications, Audio & video systems, Optical electronics. As a 3rd year student I aided 2nd year students & had an Introduction to robotics. - J. Browning

CAD Drafting & Design: Designed Draft sketches, & CAD models using AutoCAD experimentation with various CAD file formats & their applications. - C. Williams

MS Office: Use of Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Publisher & Outlook. Created Visual Basic macros to manage databases & automate functions in Outlook. - B. Ingram

Welding Occupation: Occupation safety, Oxyacetylene gas welding process, Shield metal arc welding of plate, reading & use of blueprints, Proficient flat weld using 7024/6010/7018 rods, Proficient horizontal weld using 6010/7018 rods, able to run a continuous bead & restart a weld using 7024/6010/7018 rods. Identify 5 common joints & their appropriate applications including Butt, Lap, Corner, Edge, Tee, & V-joints. Identify shapes of metal such as angle, I-beam, channel, H-beam, plate & gauge. - J. Faulk

CompTIA PC Repair | Colton, CA | 2006-2007 | A+ | Y. Shin

Technology Mathematics: Able to calculate rates & capacities of specific computer components & technologies. Convert & apply binary & hexadecimal expressions using basic arithmetic functions, exponent relations, or algebraic fundamentals.

Hardware Fundamentals: Can Identify the names & characteristics of key components & system modules common to a PC such as ports, connectors, cabling & the peripherals that use them. Capable of replacing or upgrading modules such as CPU, RAM, drives & add-on cards, Identify risk of electrostatic discharge & follow proper procedure while installing hardware modules to safeguard against potential damage. Understanding of proper electronic disposal.

OS Fundamentals: Use of Shell or DOS navigation & syntax to run utilities from from the command-line interface including related switches or options. Installation of Windows 9x to Vista, Linux & BSD distributions from a bootable disk or drive, including related CMOS settings.

Diagnosing & Troubleshooting: Able to Identify common audible & visual post codes to isolate system boot failures from peripheral device failures. Isolate hardware from software issues including the use of CMOS settings or outputs. Use of Windows diagnostics software including the F8 startup menu & tools such as included drive utilities, Task Manager, MSCONFIG & DXDIAG...

Basic Networking: Manually configure Windows to connect to a LAN & troubleshoot a TCP/IP network using various procedures. Install & configure a typical wired or wireless peer-to-peer network for internet access.

Experience with over the phone diagnostics.


Genuine Interest: I Love to endlessly pursuit new technologies in software & hardware industries.

Language Skills: Elementary proficiency Spanish & Chinese 'Mandarin'. I'm currently helping foreign student learn english in Henan (河南). I've played a vital role for 东莞市泽朝 Electronic Hardware to manage accounts and sell internationally, while gaining experience in hardware trade. I'm continually expanding this skill.

Friendly Interaction & Customer Service: Experience helping clients with diagnostics over the phone, I've been told that I'm both helpful & friendly. I enjoy networking & learning from others, Great at building groups, & making new friends.

"If you can't get your foot in the door, build your own": I've always gone the extra mile. I continue to use my experience to develop software.

Groups & Associations

Currently managing & developing software with a couple of teams from CSUSB.

Subscribed to ECN, Electronic Design, Nasa Tech Briefs, Photonics Spectra, DE Magazine, etc... Always following the latest trends.

F@H, BOINC, & distributed computing contributor, on server idle time.


Dr. Turner, Professor of Web Technologies at CSUSB

(909) 537-5428 or

I'd be happy to share more information upon request. You can also visit or my LinkedIn profile.